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Seattle: Here I Am Now, Entertain Me

Seattle: Here I Am Now, Entertain Me

(Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit) It was the early 90s and music was changing. It seemed like it happened almost overnight- Gone were the hairbands of the.... The Seattle music scene was divided that night: Alice in Chains was nearby, at a ... "Here we are now, entertain us" was already establishedCobain claimed it was ... Once you have it down, you can play songs like Take Me Out to the Ball.... It was one of the most influential rock albums of all time and arguably the last rock album to ... kill off hair metal and establishing Seattle as a musical force (even though Nirvana itself was from Aberdeen, Wash.) ... This speaks to me in a way that nothing I'd heard before had. ... Here we are now, entertain us .. Here we are now, entertain us ... Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile ... Mc.babyshaker from Between Seattle & Aberdeen, WaI'll probably get blacklisted for this, ... So here I am, a guy who was in high school when this came out and now our.... Here we are now, entertain us ... Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile ... "Teen Spirit" was a deodorant used by Tobi Vail whom Kurt Cobain went out with at the.... Kurt Cobain killed himself a little while after Spring Break when I was in eighth grade. ... possibly get even one of us to the funeral half way across the country in Seattle. ... The fangirl in me was disappointed (here I am, now entertain me); the.... Military authorities here have decreed that establishments featuring dancing, dining and drinking must either entertain commissioned officers or enlisted personnel ... This doesn't make much sense to me. ... Seattle, 11, Wash. ... A, 847th ST Bn., Camp Crow: der, Mo. . ; ; M. Sgt. JAMEs W. Mitchell, now at a Ph. cific Island.... In the 2006 VH1 UK poll The Nation's Favourite Lyric, the line "I feel stupid and contagious / Here we are now, entertain us" was ranked the third-favorite lyric by.... Here we are now, entertain us .... and pop star Harry Styles seemed up to the ... Alas, such was the deafening buzz around Seattle, by then, that hardly ... behind raucous cuts like Touch Me I'm Sick and In 'n' Out of Grace... and N. E. Dobbins, presidents of Seattle Active Clubs, occupying cars of honor. ... Their performances here have been superb, Mayor Meehan added, and it is ... band members practically went all out in their endeavors to entertain Spokane. ... unions are being accused of embracing communism, it is encouraging to me to.... ... anthem and propelled this up and coming Seattle trio into the stratosphere. ... Even the line Here we are now, entertain us was a catchphrase of ... So I wasn't that happy when six months later, Kurt called me up and said.... So, here we are now, entertain us! It's after midnight and raining in Seattle. New Model Army have just finished at RKCNDY. ... into the bottom left-hand corner of a page, there's a small story that's driven me here tonight.. Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain would have turned 50 years old today. ... a Seattle-based author and journalist who wrote the book "Here We ... History was happening around me, but I didn't realize it in the moment. ... a Seattle music and entertainment magazine with a circulation of one hundred thousand.. Kurt Cobain was a childhood friend of King Buzzo's who sometimes read more ... Here we are now, entertain us ... Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile ... If we would go to Seattle and play a show and make $160, maybe we'd all go buy...

William Reynolds is president of Gencorp. now," says Sandusky Radio president ... "Running two stations, it was hard to entertain thoughts of growth, so Jeff is going to ... group (Denver's KBPI, Phoenix's KDKB and Seattle's MONMOUTH, Me. ... of the H.L. Cottrell Elementary School here have been denied access to the evil.... One of Nirvana's biggest hits, Smells Like Teen Spirit was the lead single from their ... Here we are now, entertain us ... Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile. Kurt Cobain was hailed by fans as a spokesman for his generation. ... Up here in Madrona, one of Seattle's smartest neighbourhoods, the air from Lake Washington breezes ... "Here we are now, entertain us," he wailed in Teen Spirit. ... He had wanted to call his last album, I Hate Myself And I Want To Die.. ... Nirvana played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live, at a small club in Seattle in April 1991. Nirvana was largely unknown outside of punk and indie rock circles ... out of me at the time," he told the Canadian TV channel MuchMusic in 1993. ... 'With the lights out, it's less dangerous / Here we are now, entertain us.. Here's NPR's Joel Rose, a Gen Xer himself, with the latest in our American ... GREENE: Nirvana played the song for the first time at a small club in Seattle. ... And suddenly, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was all over the radio. ... just stuff that just would spew out of me at the time. ... Here we are now; entertain us.. Here are the lyrics to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." ... a new called grunge was born, with Seattle-based band Nirvana and frontman Kurt Cobain ... Here we are now, entertain us ... Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile


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